More of Thal Ranch

Thal Ranch is 6,000 acres of privately owned New Mexico property. We are located in the foothills of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. You will find no better place to hunt than the Eastern Slopes of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The Ranch is an active cattle, horse, and hay operation. You have the opportunity to live well and rough it at the same time. Our Hunters Cabin has all the modern conveniences of home and is surrounded by hay fields which usually draw elk mornings and evenings. A very fine herd of Trophy Elk call Thal Ranch home every fall. Thal Ranch is privately owned and our guided elk hunts have an excellent reputation for consistent production. Because of its unique setting, we emphasize bow hunts and our bow hunters have enjoyed consistent success. We are happy that we have returning hunters every year to enjoy the property and to assist in the holistic management of the elk. The results are a healthier and stronger herd. The environment also benefits, which is a primary Ranch goal.


Thal Ranch Main Gate
A New Mexico landmark! Hermit’s Peak is more than 20 miles away and visible from the Thal Ranch. Elevation of the peak is 10,500ft above sea level and 3700 ft. above the high plain. As you can see from the two pictures, Hermit’s Peak is visible for many miles. It’s quite a rock!

Hermit’s Peak up close