Elk in NM

Elk in New Mexico!
We have several elk hunts on our New Mexico ranch during “THE RUT”. By the middle of September “THE RUT” is usually in full swing. Each of our hunting permits usually run for five days.

All of our hunts are conducted on our well managed private land and you will have exclusive hunting rights during your permitted time. Our permits are date specific which limits our hunters and preserves our herds and manages our thinning. Up here in the highlands of the Sangre de Cristos, nature’s predators are scarce, so we have the yearly hunts in order to help with the herd management. 

Our hay fields are  unique in the area. Our herds of elk enjoy our fields and they provide an excellent opportunity for our hunters as well. A healthier, thriving herd means successful hunts and better trophies for our hunters.

Our property is a beautiful place to hunt and your accommodations are first class. We are proud of the fact that we have returning hunters every year. We are looking forward to your successful hunt. Our Rifle and Bow permits are date specific from September 1st to December 15th depending on which you choose. Please call the ranch at 575 387-2467 (office) or email us at  JSThal55@gmail.com (John Thal) or call John at his cell 505 350-9666.