The Trophy!


Thal Ranch is 6000 acres of private land in New Mexico. In order to maintain and manage our elk herds, we conduct annual elk hunts. Elk hunting in New Mexico is an experience not soon forgotten. We are very happy that we have returning hunters every season. Click on Previous Years Hunts to view our Trophy Bulls.

Our guests have brought down 3 x 3 bulls to 6 x 6 Royals and 7 x 7 Imperials. We emphasize bow hunting.

We have several guided elk hunts on our ranch during “THE RUT”. By the middle of September “THE RUT” is usually in full swing. Each of our hunting permits usually run for five days. Thal Ranch is situated between Las Vegas, NM and Taos. Our guests come from throughout the United States. Check out our Elk Hunting NM page for more information.



Spring Gathering

The spring gathering of elk at the Thal RanchThe spring gathering of elk at the Thal Ranch