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Septtember 28th

Hi Mrs. Thal. Greetings from Texas. We made it back in a single day of driving. We left the ranch Sunday at 5:30am and I arrived home at 8:30pm that night. 14 hours in not back considering we stopped for gas 4 times.

We had a wonderful time!!! I still can't believe how beautiful the ranch is....I really miss it. The hunting was phenomenal and the quality of elk we saw was amazing. My brother and I would like to re-book for next year. If you want to send us paperwork that would be great and we will send you a deposit. My Dad had a great time and wants to come back again too. He loved being in that country.

We had a pleasure meeting and talking with you and your husband. Loved the "Bare Story".... haha
The apple pie was brother said it was probably better than our grandmother's pie!

I still have a little hope the some of the hunters coming in might find the bull I shot. I felt sick about it but I realize that is a part of hunting. I would love any updates that you get from the hunters coming in and wish them luck.

Thanks again for a wonderful hunt!

Warmest Regards,

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